Far Horizons

far horizons

far horizons

Another week and this will be my approximate view for 21 days. If I’m lucky. Because it probably will be like this, but with bigger waves and no ships. Crossing the North Atlantic from Boston USA to Malaga Spain on the tall ship “clipper Stad Amsterdam” … I am beginning to feel the apprehension

What will the trip be like? Will it be calm, or stormy, with waves so big they scare the hell out of me? Whatever, it will at least be a magnificent adventure.

Three weeks without contact by email or internet kind of lets you focus differently. I am going to take my laptop with me and have a good plan to start writing. And of course I take my cameras with me. And an e-reader with some good books. With all that preparation, I probably will just work, sleep, eat, work and not touch a keyboard.

As I said, it will be an adventure.