the darkness



Oh well, perhaps I’m a little strange, seeing my own face reflected in the window in some weird light while trying to open the front door at night. I guess the good meal and a couple of glasses of wine helped. But my wife keeps on shaking her head, when she sees me grabbing my iPhone and taking such a shot.

I start to look like my father, which somehow feels strange as well. Perhaps that’s because mostly I see myself in the mirror and not “face to face”.

Hmm. Getting older.

Overall this is just a grumpy photo, so I processed it in the same taste. Lots of grain and pretty harsh. No sharpness to speak of, but that’s the iPhone at night. And the 150 watt Tungsten dome light and the dirty window, flattening everything.

I’m not cute.

Until I start smiling. Which I do a lot.