When in Rome …

Although I’m not Catholic (or attracted to any other religion) of course I visited the Vatican. And you can’t help being awed by the grandness of it all. During the day thousands of people enter the court, but at night things are pretty quiet. Rows upon rows of seats stand to attention like so many ghosts. A great photographic opportunity!

I didn’t enter the Vatican proper, but went to the Vatican museum, right around the corner. That was fantastic, as most of the images from history books can be found here “live”, including many statues, paintings and murals. If only for that, it is worth the visit!

And of course, Rome being Rome, you can eat and drink on every street corner. It is just wise to step away a little from the religious or historical hot spots: the price of food and beverages decreases rapidly with every step away from the main stream.

This is one city I will visit again!